When I started working with Vladimir, I couldn’t imagine that I would progress so rapidly. Somehow the biggest fear of speaking French has almost disappeared. Since the problem was to overcome the language barrier, I can say with certainty that I no longer have such a huge fear of speaking as before. Now I choose material that is interesting to me and we use it during our weekly speaking sessions. There has also been a big improvement in my pronunciation, which I had never actually worked on before. Every day, according to Vladimir’s instructions, I work on problematic areas in my pronunciation for 5-10 minutes each, and then I get feedback.
It still happens from time to time that I freeze up when I forget a word in a conversation, but we are working on it.
After 7 weeks of working together I am more than happy with the results, which I was not able to achieve after 2 years of attending classes and working with tutors. We would spend most of the time on grammar, vocabulary, checking homework, but we hardly ever worked on the most important skill – speaking. We are constantly working on it with Vladimir.


Ekaterina N.

My name is Pavel and I’m a postgrad student in France. Upon arrival, I could not speak a word of French. Although my studies are in English, I felt a great urge to improve my French speaking skills in order to communicate. Here I was introduced to Vladimir, personal language coach. At first I was very skeptical if I’ll ever be able to speak any French. However, he helped me improve my French from almost zero to the level on which I am able to listen to podcasts, watch movies (with subtitles) and even have a simple conversation. It’s amazing what we have done with Vladimir and just in a several months!
I truly enjoyed our classes because they were not only casual and productive but every lesson Vladimir could find things that motivated me to keep learning French.

Pavel F.


I would like to thank Vladimir for the interesting and productive lessons! When I started working on my English with Vladimir, I was almost a complete beginner. Vladimir suggested a certain system of lessons, once my goals were set. I can feel progress after each session. I didn’t think it was possible. Classes are conducted in an interesting and easy to understand form. I feel confident that with this approach I will be able to speak English well.

Natalia K.

L’accompagnement et les conseils avisés de Vladimir m’ont beaucoup aidée dans mon apprentissage de la langue russe et de la langue anglaise. Sa méthode de travail enrichissante et structurée m’a grandement inspirée. Elle m’a motivée grâce à l’utilisation de différents outils variés et complémentaires.
Cela m’apporte beaucoup le fait de pratiquer la langue régulièrement et de multiplier les supports linguistiques. 

Merci !  Je recommande.

Anaïs T. 

Vladimir has helped me improve my English. When I started learning English I could say just a couple of common phrases and spent a lot of time to remember basic words. He didn’t let me talk in my native language and led me to try to explain what I want to say using words that I’d already known. Nowadays, I’m talking in English quite fluently (I hope). I would call him a coach who doesn’t allow you to relax in classes and feel bored. I could call him a friend or a colleague because I would talk with him about any topic even if it’s related to my job. He is a really positive person and sessons with him give me a lot of energy. The main achievements due to our classes were my successful interview for an international company and a lot of vacations in European countries where I could feel free with my level of English.

Alexei P.