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Join our 3-Day Informal French Challenge and gain the confidence to understand and engage in informal conversations!

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Do you find it difficult to understand native speakers and TV shows in French?

Many intermediate and advanced French learners face this common frustration. You’ve put in the effort to learn the language, but when it comes to understanding real-life conversations or French films and TV shows, it sounds like a different language.

The problem is that many people learn formal French, but when they come into contact with native speakers they realise that this is not the way people actually speak in everyday life. French people shorten words, drop the ‘ne’ in negations and use a lot of informal words and slang.

We have a solution for you!

Discover everyday French with our mini-course, where you’ll learn common informal words and phrases used by the locals. It’ll help you connect with native speakers on a deeper level, make friends and immerse yourself in French culture!

Here’s what you’ll get in the 3 lessons of the course

About the course authors

Vladimir, the founder of LingWay and a language coach who speaks 5 languages

Vladimir grew up in Kazakhstan speaking only one language. He reached a high level in several languages, including French, as an adult. Since 2020 he has been perfecting his methods to help others learn French and other languages.

Anaïs, a native French teacher speaking 3 languages and passionate about intercultural relations

Anaïs grew up in France and studied English and Russian at university. She is passionate about teaching and languages, and she is also enthusiastic about sharing her knowledge in a playful way.

Who is this course for?

This course is for you if:

Not sure if the course will teach you anything new? Take a quick test to see if you are already familiar with informal French.

What our students say about the mini-course

Great short course to improve your French! The exercises introduce new vocabulary systematically, with each task covered in detail enabling plenty of time to understand and learn the new words properly. Really like the fact that this course is focused on informal French that you would actually use in France rather than formal language that few people use in practice! Highly recommend to all French learners!
Aaran Thakore
Very useful course with lots of common informal words! It gave me a deeper insight into the language and improved my everyday French. Great presentation of information, new vocabulary is memorized very quickly. Highly recommend it to everyone!
Yelyzaveta V.
For those who never learned slang French it’s excellent you can learn all the basic slang words and test yourself. You can also improve your listening skills
Matúš Gavalec
As someone who has taken other French courses with Lingway, the Informal French course proved to be very helpful either by reminding me some common phrases that I have learnt previously or by introducing me to the way native speakers use the language orally. The course includes useful phrases which come in a very attractive format, easy to identify and to learn.
Maricela Tekdemir