We are giving away our new course to 5 people!

I’m launching a new course in collaboration with my colleague Anais who is a native speaker of French. 

The course is for A2-B1 learners, which means it’s not for beginners or advanced learners. 

The course consists of 25 lessons. In each lessons, you will listen to a dialogue in French, read a transcript and its translation, and learn common vocabulary on the same topic. The dialogues cover the most common situations useful to someone living in a French-speaking country. 

We are looking for 5 people who are willing to test the course for free. In return, we expect you to help us improve the course by giving us regular feedback. This will involve a few surveys and emails and may include a few short phone calls with us.

You can apply if:
*  You know at least basic French vocabulary and grammar, but still don’t use it in everyday situations.
* You are living in a French-speaking country.
* You are fluent in English.
* You are willing to commit to one lesson a day (approximately 20 to 30 minutes each) for at least 3 weeks. You can miss a maximum of 2 days per week. Note that we are talking about an online course and not lessons with a teacher.
* You are subscribed to our email list. We will send important information to our email list subscribers. Click here to subscribe.

We will select 5 profiles, but we will also give a good discount to the other people interested in the course.

Note that you must be 18 or older to apply.

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