About me and my programmes

My name is Vladimir and I’ve created LingWay to help learners of French become confident French speakers. Having learned 3 languages and having helped others improve their English, French, and Russian, I am convinced that anyone can become an independent language learner and can achieve a high level of competency in a foreign language.

I came to France in September 2018 without speaking a word in French. I started learning it by myself from the very first day.  6 months after I came to France I realised that I could deal with day-to-day situations in France without using English. One year after I started learning French I achieved an intermediate level (between B1 and B2). At that point I thought that I needed to take a course to learn faster, but I couldn’t find a course for me, so I decided to keep learning by myself. It took me one more year of experimenting and self-study to become advanced in French. 

I'm here to help you learn French faster and more effeciently and save your time

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Over the past several years I’ve been focusing on learning and improving 3 languages, researching and testing different methods and helping others learn English and Russian. In 2020, when I achieved an advanced level in French, I started helping others learn French as well, which has become my main focus and my passion. 

I’ll be happy to share my experience with you in order to help you become a confident French speaker!

* The number of classes and coaching sessions I’ve given is approximate

What do you actually need to become a successful French learner?

How can I help you?

I’ve been getting a lot of messages from people frustrated with their French after years of trying to learn it. Some of them have been living in France for several years but are still unable to hold a basic conversation. Many of them have tried different courses, but it didn’t work. The problem of many courses is that they try to teach you everything, but when the course is over, you stop learning. You simply don’t know what to do and how to learn a language independently. 

The main focus of my programme is to show you how to learn French independently by doing something you like

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Online application

You fill out an application form, where you answer the questions regarding your current level of French, your motivation and your goals. You pick a date and time for a free consultation

Free consultation

During the consultation (around 30 min) we will discuss your language goals in detail, evaluate your current level and come up with a programme that is best suited to you.

Start of the programme

If we decide to continue working together, you can start your new French learning journey right away!

Let Me Help You Find Your Own Way To Learn French