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About Us

LingWay is an online language school and online course platform. 

Since 2020 we have been helping French learners become confident French speakers via social media content, lessons and online courses. 

Our Services

One-to-one coaching

Discover a method that works for you and start making progress in French today. It's perfect for independent learners who want to learn faster.

€30 / session

"30-Day Natural French" course

Improve your listening comprehension by listening to authentic dialogues, and learn the most common words and expressions that native speakers use every day.

€200 €149

One-to-one lessons for beginners and intermediate learners

Learn the most common words and expressions and start using them immediately. Improve your listening comprehension, your pronunciation and speaking skills. Each session lasts 45 minutes.

€20 / session

Why Choose Us

Focus on listening and speaking

Our classes and courses focus on speaking and listening - the essential skills that will allow you to start using French as soon as possible.

Scientifically proven techniques and methods

We apply the most effective techniques and methods used by the most successful polyglots and language learners.

Focus on small steps

You will focus on small daily actions that will help you develop good habits and achieve your goals over time.

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Subscribe to our newsletter and get a free phrasebook for A1/A2 learners!